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Protection Rings

Protection Rings

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Size:Diameter 22mm (0.86 Inch) / thickness 1.1mm (0.043 Inch) / height 7mm (0.275 Inch)
Vape Accessories Vape Bands Can Literally Save Your Glass Tanks.
Avoid seeing your tanks falling down and breaking apart into a thousand pieces. Vape bands add extra resistance and increase the firmness of your grip.
Therefore, dropping your tanks accidentally is not going to happen - as with vape bands it simply can't slip off your hands!
These vape mod accessories also act as an effective bumper for vape mod tanks to prevent minor scratches.
Vape Accessories Vape Bands Are Made To be Top-Notch.
Vape bands are strong silicone bands ideal for mechanical mods. Made from high quality and durable stretch silicon they make gripping metal and glossy surfaces easy and slip proof.
Vape Accessories Vape Bands Are The Best Ones You Could Ever Buy.
Effortlessly attach them to your mods and glass tanks. They directly fit on your rebuildable atomizers or mechanical mod. The perfect combination of convenience and practicality.

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