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Vpdam Multi-Function Tweezers

Vpdam Multi-Function Tweezers

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The Multi-Functional Ceramic Vape Tweezer V8 features a spanner that allows you to safely remove stiff atomizers or tanks up to 27mm in diameter! A great plus for the coil rebuilders, these ceramic vape tweezers feature ceramic tips to allow you to fire your mod while adjusting your coils! The tips are non-conductive and will not cause wire shorts while firing. The Tweezer V8 are both heat and acid resistant for added durability and safety while using.


  • Ceramic tip
  • Very portable
  • Easy to use


  • Plastic moulded mod-ring to safely remove stiff atomizers or tanks
  • Ceramic Tips for non-conductive coil adjustment during the rebuilding
  • Multi-functional

Package Contents

  • 1*Multi-Functional Ceramic Vape Tweezer V8
  • Factory clamshell packaging
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